Live A Live – Remake team went above expectations

Live A Live – Remake team went above expectations

Takashi Tokita, the director of the Live A Live remake, talked with Japanese gaming journal Famitsu about the team’s efforts recreating the classic RPG.

He disclosed that not only did the remake take the development team three years to complete, but that the team itself developed something that was “above and above our expectations.” Mr. Tokita stated that the development team was filled with love and enthusiasm for the game, which culminated in a finished product that they are all proud of. On July 22nd, Live A Live will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Above expectations 

“On top of that, this was in the midst of the epidemic.” COVID-19 was in full gear as we moved into pre-production and production. Because we were in the midst of a pandemic, it took us some time to complete the job.

The pixel art team enjoyed Live A Live so much that they produced twice as many moves as we planned.” Everyone had 1.5 times the enthusiasm and drive even throughout the development stage. We were able to develop enthusiastically to the finish, and it turned out to be something that beyond our expectations.

About Live A Live

The legend is alive and well!

LIVE A LIVE, which was initially only available in Japan for the Super Famicom, is now available for Nintendo Switch! For the first time in the west, play this renowned RPG in the same HD-2D graphic style as OCTOPATH TRAVELER and TRIANGLE STRATEGY.

Meet seven heroes, each with their own special skills and lives to live in various historical periods. Explore their tales in whatever order you want, encountering startling twists along the way:

  • Prehistory: In a world without language, a tribesman grows up.
  • A wanderer with a bounty on his head battles for his survival in the Wild West.
  • A kung fu master hunts for a competent successor in Imperial China.
  • In the twilight of Edo Japan, a shinobi performs a crucial covert mission.
  • Today: A martial artist aims to be the strongest person ever.
  • A young man with psychic abilities makes a stand against evil in the near future.
  • A freshly developed robot gets caught up in a cosmic disaster in the distant future.

This remake, which has restored music by original composer Yoko Shimomura and is produced by Takashi Tokita (the director of the Super Famicom version), keeps everything that fans of the original game liked while also making it accessible to newcomers.