Mario Golf: Super Rush rewards ranked matches with NES Open Tournament Golf Mario outfit

Mario Golf: Super Rush rewards ranked matches with NES Open Tournament Golf Mario outfit

Now that Mario Golf: Super Rush’s Ranked Match has been reset for January 2022, players may get their hands on a new award based on Mario’s original appearance from the NES Open Tournament Golf.

Unlock NES Open Tournament Golf Mario outfit

The unlock procedure is similar to prior events in that there isn’t much to it. Within the following month, players must only get an A- or higher level. This may be accomplished by participating in Ranked Match online, doing well against other players, and beating higher-ranked opponents. After unlocking the NES Open Tournament Golf costume, go to the choice screen in Mario Golf: Super Rush, mouse over the player, then press the “L” button to shift clothes.

Last September, Mario Golf: Super Rush debuted its Ranked Match and costume rewards. So far, we’ve seen a Boo visor, new colors for Toad, new colors for Koopa Troopa, and Mario’s traditional overalls, among other things. Previous month’s rewards have not yet been made accessible again.

About Mario Golf: Super Rush

Take to the course in Mario Golf: Super Rush, the next installment in the Mario Golf series, which will be released for Nintendo Switch. On the fairway, join your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters on courses with gorgeous, natural landscapes.

Use button controls or motion controls by gripping the Joy-Con controller like a golf club to get into the flow of things. You’ll need to analyze the wind and terrain just like in real life, but there are other helpful elements to help you nail your shots. A shot gauge will show you how your shot will curve owing to slopes, and a scan will allow you to inspect the landscape of a course.

Mario Golf: Super Rush was released for the Nintendo Switch in June of 2020.