Mario Strikers Battle League – Customize gear

Mario Strikers Battle League – Customize gear

Mario Strikers: Battle League will be released on the Nintendo Switch in soon and Nintendo’s marketing effort for have gone into full swing. The most recent example is a fresh new trailer that demonstrates the potential to boost a character’s stats by outfitting them with specific gear. The game will be released on June 10th.


About Mario Strikers Battle League

In combat soccer, tackle, pass, and score with the Mushroom Kingdom crew.

Strike is a 5-on-5 soccer-style sport with no rules—do whatever it takes to win! Get grittier and strive to score as many goals as possible by confronting foes and using score-boosting Hyper Strikes. Peach, Toad, and Yoshi put their cleats (and stats) to the pitch and will stop at nothing to score…even if it means being a bit rough. Take the carnage online or send the ball to nearby players—just keep an eye out for the electrified barrier.

Get ready to power up.

Tear up the field to collect money, which you may then exchange for beautiful and durable gear. Put on these accessories to change the stats and look of your characters. Increase the pace of your dribblers or improve your shooting abilities for scoring. Change things up to suit your plan. You’ll also uncover things like Shells and Bananas on the pitch, which you may use to confuse your opponents and grab the ball or score.

Join forces with Strikers from all around the world, or join an online club, to push and shove your way up the rankings.

8 people may compete on a single Nintendo Switch device, either local wifi or internet. Bring a second Striker on the same system with you in online bouts as well. Individual bouts may be played locally with four players from each side going cleat-to-cleat. Strikers Clubs allows you to form groups of up to 20 Strikers online and play against other clubs for points. Find the best club for you, form a team of pals, and bring your unique Striker flair to the table. To personalize your club’s stadium, use in-game tokens for goals, accessories, and more!