Metroid Dread Report Vol.11 – Helpful Tips and some Hidden Techniques

Metroid Dread Report Vol.11 – Helpful Tips and some Hidden Techniques

Nintendo released a new installment of the Metroid Dread report which shares some handy tricks for players. This time, the report shares some helpful pointers about the game’s exploration and combat segments that will help players better navigate its world and defeat its many foes.

In addition to this, the report also sheds light on some of the game’s unspoken hidden techniques – such as the Quick Rise, Slide Jump, and Ice Breaker.

Now that the Metroid Dread game has been available for some time, have you enjoyed exploring the mysterious planet ZDR? In this special edition of the Metroid Dread Report, we’d like to spotlight a few field-tested hints and strategies that might help when things are looking dire.

Please note that some of these hints may be considered spoilers. If you’d prefer to avoid such things, we suggest you only check out the portions labeled “transmission from the dev team” for spoiler-free insights.


Q: Where am I supposed to go next? When I don’t play for a while, I forget what I was doing.

Q: I’m stuck because every path seems to be a dead end. How do I move forward?

Q: I acquired a new ability. How do I know where to use it?


The Metroid series is full of games where the player is encouraged to explore, so we created this game with “getting lost” as one of the key elements. However, no matter how lost you are, there is always a way to figure out where to go next. There are hidden hints found in the world during gameplay, on the map screen, as well as in the Mission Log. We hope you enjoy piecing together these clues as you explore planet ZDR.


Q: What does “clear time” mean?

Q: Aside from the ending rewards, what else can I go after?


Games in the Metroid series have traditionally rewarded players based on their clear time, and we’ve designed them in ways that allow for players to complete their adventures by exploring many different paths through the world.

Using the techniques outlined in this Metroid Dread Report, you might be able to complete the game using a route that differs from the main path. We encourage you to seek new ways forward during a second or third time through.


Q: What’s the most effective way to use the Phantom Cloak?

Q: How do I make the best use of the Storm Missile ability?

Q: How can I make better use of the Flash Shift ability?

Q: How can I make better use of the Spin Boost and Space Jump abilities?

Q: How in the world do you destroy some of these Speed Booster blocks?


Samus’ power will grow as she progresses. By the end, she’ll have many abilities at her disposal, which is a defining characteristic of the Metroid series.

You can check what abilities are available to her and how to use them by looking at the Samus screen in the menu, as well as in Mission Log entries. If you get stuck, it can be helpful to check there.

When acquiring a new ability, many times there are signals around how to best use it—these could be demonstrated in a cutscene or simply by inviting you to try it out against enemies or bosses that soon appear. We suggest you keep these clues in mind when strategizing your way through the world.


Q: Some of the boss battles are really difficult for me. How am I supposed to defeat them?

Q: Is there a way to complete boss battles faster?


Basically, each boss has a weak point where a Charge Beam or Missile is effective most of the time. If you hear a “clink” sound as if the attack was repelled, the boss didn’t take damage. A standard Beam attack may be effective on certain parts of the enemy, so watch how it reacts and listen for sounds that suggest the attack has dealt damage. Missiles can be replenished with a successful Melee Counter, so don’t hesitate to use them as much as you need.

Bosses are strong, but there are no attacks that cannot be dodged! Watch their moves carefully and don’t hesitate to challenge them.


Q: Are there any techniques not covered in the tutorials?


Combining Samus’ abilities allows you to move more fluidly through the world and carve out alternate paths through the world of ZDR. You’ll need these techniques to obtain all ending rewards and fill out the Chozo Archive. Even if you’ve completed the game once already, we encourage you to have another go at it using what you’ve learned.