Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – 2022 and early 2023 roadmap

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – 2022 and early 2023 roadmap

Capcom has shared what it has planned for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak this year and early next year.

The first big update will come in August. It will add more monsters to hunt, like Seething Bazelgeuse and Lucent Nargacuga, and a new place, the Forlorn Arena, where you can fight them. There will be another big update in the autumn and one in the winter.

There will also be smaller updates to fix bugs and improve the quality of life. The Nintendo Switch eShop now has Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak for sale.

About Monster Hunter Rise – Sunbreak

With this huge expansion, which adds new monsters, places, and more to Monster Hunter Rise, the world gets bigger and more detailed.

A new adventure in a faraway land. Since the events of Monster Hunter Rise, you are known as the “Fierce Flame of Kamura.” Now, you must set sail to find out what is causing a terrible threat to a kingdom across the sea.

New enemies come, and old ones come back.

When you get to Elgado Outpost, you find out that Malzeno, Lunagaron, and Garangolm, which the locals call “the Three Lords,” are behind the strange things that are happening in this kingdom. In addition to these new foes, you’ll also have to fight old foes from the series that weren’t in Monster Hunter Rise.

Deeper gameplay

Your trusty Wirebug is back and more useful than ever. This is because all 14 types of weapons now have new skills that give the hunting action more flexibility and depth.

A group of interesting people

You can talk to a lot of different people in your new base of operations, and each of them has their own charming personality. Sometimes they will need help from your hunter, and sometimes they will help you.

Note: To play this expansion, you must already have Monster Hunter Rise. When you finish the 7-star Hub quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder,” you can get to the Sunbreak content. If you buy this content while the game is already running, you’ll have to restart the game to get to it.