Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Lunagaron gameplay

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Lunagaron gameplay

Capcom has revealed some fresh gameplay video showing its RnD team fighting one of the new monsters that will appear in the expansion, Lunagaron, ahead of the release of Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion on June 30. The clip shows the monster’s assaults as well as the Charge Blade and Heavy Bowgun weaponry in action. 

Monster Hunter Rise – Sunbreak expansion

Monster Hunter Rise’s universe expands and deepens with this gigantic addition, which includes new monsters, new locations, and more!

A new adventure in a faraway world As the “Fierce Flame of Kamura” following the events of Monster Hunter Rise, you must set out to discover the source of a dreadful menace threatening a kingdom over the sea!

New adversaries have arrived, and old ones have returned.

When you get to Elgado Outpost, you learn that the strange occurrences threatening the country are being caused by Malzeno, Lunagaron, and Garangolm — fearsome creatures known locally as the Three Lords. In addition to these new adversaries, you will fight familiar foes as series creatures not seen in Monster Hunter Rise return!

Enhanced gameplay

Your beloved Wirebug is back and better than ever, with new skills for all 14 weapon types that provide a new degree of versatility and complexity to the hunting action.

A diverse collection of characters

Your new center of operations is home to a diverse range of residents, each with their own endearing personality. Sometimes they’ll require your hunter’s assistance, and other times they’ll be the ones to assist you!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is set to be released on June 30.