Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – May 10th roundup

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – May 10th roundup

During the Monster Hunter Digital Event, series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Yoshitake Suzuki gave fans the most detailed look at Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak yet, complete with an action-packed new trailer and game details. Three new monsters were shown, as well as the new Switch Skill Swap ability, new Follower Quests, and more information on the flagship Elder Dragon Malzeno. Finally, they presented a magnificent new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Nintendo Switch Pro Controller featuring Malzeno, which will be released with the big expansion on June 30, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in depth

The Flying Wyvern Seregios, sometimes known as the “thousand-edged dragon,” makes a victorious comeback in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This ferocious territorial warrior is famed for its high-flying movements and razor-sharp Bladescales that cover its body. Hunters that are caught off guard when Seregios loses its scales risk obtaining the “bleed” status, so keep their weapons sharp and their wits sharper. In addition to recurring monsters having new powers and behaviors when appearing in Master Rank tasks, the expansion will include two new subspecies for monsters debuted in Monster Hunter Rise. The Aurora Somnacanth, which was just introduced, emits a continual cold mist that threatens to freeze anyone that comes too near.

This modification enables it to glide through ice and hit prey while exhaling a strong ice breath. Magma Almudron, on the other hand, likes the great heat of the Lava Caverns and uses molten stone to overpower any would-be hunters.

While any of these creatures may knock hunters to their knees, the Elder Dragon Malzeno has the power to send whole kingdoms crashing down. Malzeno leads a strange swarm of parasitic beings that seize and then consume their prey’s energy. When directly engaged in battle, the Elder Dragon strikes with the grace and fury of its inspiration, the vampire. Once it has infected its target with the “bloodblight” state, the two engage in a battle to see who can exhaust their life energy quickest. If the hunter fails, Malzeno transforms into an even more terrifying form to inflict havoc on their remaining adversaries.

To confront these disastrous forces, hunters arriving to Elgado Outpost will need to develop new fighting strategies. While Kamura village is well-known for its unique Wirebug methods, such as Silkbind Attacks and Wyvern Riding, hunters sent to the Kingdom will acquire new Switch Skills and get access to the new Switch Skill Swap ability. Switch Skill Swap allows hunters to designate Switch Skills to two distinct loadouts that may be switched on the fly during a hunt.

With the increased freedom of selecting which talents are ideal for given scenario, a skilled hunter can conquer practically any challenge. Hunters who are attacked while conducting a Switch Skill Swap may evade danger by performing a Swap Evade in either direction, or reposition for a continuing assault. Hunters who want to learn more about the new Switch Skills coming to each of the 14 weapon types may do so by visiting the official Monster Hunter social channels beginning May 16 and watching a series of short movies covering each weapon.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak also adds new methods for players to connect with the game’s endearing cast of characters through new Follower Quests. Players may accept and fulfill missions alongside their favorite tale characters in these single player hunts. Each Follower has their own expertise and will even help players recover their health, set traps, and even ride monsters to alter the tide of battle. Members of Elgado Outpost, such as Fiorayne, Luchika, Jae, Admiral Galleus, and Master Arlow, as well as members of Kamura Village, such as Hinoa and Minoto, will be available as Followers. As they move through the tale, players will be able to gain Followers and receive special prizes for completing Follower Quests.


About Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the terrifying new addition for Monster Hunter Rise, the highly acclaimed and best-selling Monster Hunter game that debuted on Nintendo Switch in March 2021. The expansion will have an all-new plot, new creatures, new combat enhancements, the Master Rank quest difficulty, and more. When Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak debuts on Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2022, players having save data for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will be able to earn the Navirou layered armor for their palicoes.