Moon – Physical Release at Amazon Japan

Moon – Physical Release at Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan started taking pre-orders for Onion Games’ Moon physical release for Nintendo Switch.The physical release is sold exclusively as the Moon Premium Edition.

While work continues on the translation to bring moon to the West for the very first time, the game is already out for some time in Japan. 

Moon Premium Edition

It contains a copy of the game:Inside this really big Moon Premium Edition box.

Along with Theater Guide Cards called Imaginary Moonscape, Moon Voice Theater CD “The Child of Happiness”, and Moon Developer Notes “moon note – Back Stage ’97-“.

The Moon Premium Edition will be released in Japan on October 15, 2020.Pre-order via Amazon Japan (please check the product page for international shipping availability).

About Moon

The legendary anti-RPG “moon” released on the full moon 22 years ago appeared under the supervision and complete transplant by the original version staff! Have you ever wondered when playing RPG? “Why do heroes open their chests to steal items from people’s houses?”

“Why heroes kill all monsters in the world?”

A strange event in the RPG world that everyone feels. In this game, you can enjoy the familiar RPG world from a new perspective. [Story] One night, a boy is sucked into the TV one day when the moon shines. The boy fell down in a certain game world, “Moon World.” The boy embarked on a journey to find “love” to regain the lost moonlight. In this world, there were heroes wandering around to kill innocent animals to earn experience.

The boy rescues the animal soul killed by the hero while collecting and growing “love” from all over the world. Yes, this game is leveled up not by battle, but by “love.” The inhabitants of this world that we meet on the way of our trip are all pleasant people with both habits and habits. Observe people’s lives and lifestyles that change depending on the day of the week and time, and discover the “secret love” they hide.

“Now, use your power to open the door.”