Nikkei: At Least 200 Million Units

Nikkei: At Least 200 Million Units

Nikkei posted a new article about the huge turnaround that Nintendo has had because of the Nintendo Switch‘s success. In fact, Nikkei is reporting that Nintendo now “ranks as the most heavily traded stock in the Tokyo market over the past year”.

The company’s stock prices have “more than doubled since the release of the Switch”. Everyone that contributes to the Switch, no matter how small that contribution is, has seen an increase in shares.

Nintendo is back on top

For example, Third-party publisher Capcom “hit a 17-year high Monday on strong earnings and growing hopes tied to planned titles for the Switch”. But that’s not all.

Even outside suppliers have had success. Nikkei says that “Nintendo buys fewer parts from outside suppliers than Apple, yet is influential enough to lift profits at some electronic parts developers. Shares have skyrocketed 62% for Minebea Mitsumi since the debut of the Switch, as the company is thought to build the device. Hosiden, which also assembles the Switch, and supplier MegaChips have surged more than 30% each”.

As for what the Nintendo Switch’s future holds, that resulted in Nikkei’s most shocking news. Hideki Yasuda at Ace Research Institute says that “It is highly possible that the company earns a record profit in fiscal 2019”.

Nikkei is also reporting that “Global sales will reach at least 200 million units, about twice as many as for the Wii, according to one estimate. Well that is still a feat to accomplish but with the current momentum flow … who knows really.

Nintendo sees its operating profit more than quintupling to 160 billion yen this fiscal year”.