Nintendo filed patents for AI upscaling

Nintendo filed patents for AI upscaling

Nintendo reportedly filed new patents for AI upscaling according to the Free Patents Online. They can be viewed publicly here; and  

According to the listings, the patents are for “SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MACHINE LEARNED IMAGE CONVERSION”, which apparently refer to AI Upscaling methods similar to that used by Nvidia’s DLSS and Intel’s XeSS.

These patents also state that these methods can be ” accelerated by matrix multiplication hardware” similar to Nvidia’s Tensor Cores. Nintendo has not been granted the patents though yet at the time of this writing.

4K Switch rumors … here we go

This comes shortly after Nintendo denied a report coming from Bloomberg that they had sent out 4k Nintendo Switch dev kits to various developers, although it is unknown if these patents are at all related.

But this will surely make it so people keep questioning the existence of a possible Nintendo Switch Pro / 4K version. That being said, when it would ever see the light of day is still totally unclear. It could of course also be tied into the actual successor of the Nintendo Switch … but that is all just speculation at this point.