Nintendo Labo sales will improve

Nintendo Labo sales will improve

Shuntaro Furukawa expects the holidays to be good for the sales of Nintendo Labo.

We expect sales to accelerate because Nintendo Lab is a product that people can choose as a gift for the holidays, like any other toy.

Furthermore, the president states that the consumers who hire Nintendo Labo appreciate the unique experience it delivers. No matter how you look at it, you will not find the experience of Nintendo Labo anywhere else with any regard to gaming as far as we know.

So unique yes, but successful?


Salesnumbers Nintendo Labo

Nintendo has been pretty cautious about the sales of Nintendo Labo for the past few months. In fact, we have not seen any figures of what has been sold. With this, however, Furukawa indicates that the Variety, Robot and Vehicle Kit are not yet performing as expected.

But maybe that is not surprising either. As a company you just have to dare to say; Here something new, you have not asked for it but we have made it  AND stick through with it.

In all honesty; I do quite a lot with Nintendo, but I also have nothing with Nintendo Labo. But I can see which way Nintendo wants to go with it and that is nothing less than admirable.