Nintendo Switch firmware version 15.0.0 – Features a controller update

Nintendo Switch firmware version 15.0.0 – Features a controller update

Recently, the Nintendo Switch got a new 15.0.0 firmware update, which is tied up with a controller-specific update. There doesn’t seem to be anything new with the Joy-Con; it seems that this is just for the Pro Controller.

Nintendo normally doesn’t specify what’s in a controller update when it releases one. However, those who have examined version 15.0.0 have discovered that the Bluetooth firmware for the Pro Controller was upgraded.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller updates

Go to system settings to update your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Next, choose the “Update Controllers” option under the “Controller and Sensors” tab. The duration of the waiting period should be brief.

According to Nintendo’s official patch notes for the latest version, stability improvements were made, the Bluetooth Audio option under System Settings was changed, and pictures are now possible in the Nintendo Switch Online program. But data mining has given us some further information.

The handling of Ethernet adapters was specifically moved to a separate OS module, various error messages were added or changed, a pop-up was added when trying to exceed the maximum headphone volume while the limiter was activated, bad words for Mainland China were updated, the time zone database (zoneinfo) was updated to the most recent version from ICANN, and text relating to Australian and New Zealand privacy laws was added.