Nintendo Switch packaging getting shrinked for better transport efficiency

Nintendo Switch packaging getting shrinked for better transport efficiency

Gamers and Nintendo fans can soon look forward to seeing the Nintendo Switch with a slightly different look in stores.

Nintendo has said that it will cut the size of the boxes for its Nintendo Switch console by 20% (as shown above) so that the console is easier to ship and stores have more of them for the holiday shopping season. This will also mean that the materials used to package the console will be 15% less in the future.

According to what was said, this change will take effect when Nintendo Switch consoles are made after August 2022.

As reported by Nikkei

Nikkei said that Nintendo will reduce the size of its Nintendo Switch packaging by 20% in order to make its shipping services more efficient. With less packaging, Nintendo will be able to use more of the space it has when shipping and transporting Nintendo Switch consoles around the world, and stores should be able to fit more items on the shelves if they have enough space.

Nintendo should take this step because it makes sense. Since the Nintendo Switch OLED’s packaging is already smaller (it comes in a taller, thinner box), it makes a lot of sense to do the same with the original Switch console, both for consistency and to speed up the shipping process.

The company did the same thing with the Nintendo 3DS when it got rid of the big power supplies in later versions of the console to make the box smaller (and obviously also saved on the modest production costs of new AC adapters).

Even though reducing packaging won’t solve the shortage of semiconductors and assembly problems that are plaguing the electronics industry right now, it should help Nintendo be as efficient as possible and sell as many Switch consoles as possible around the world while waiting for the situation to get better.