Nintendo Switch sales after 6 month are half of Wii U … after 5 years

Nintendo Switch sales after 6 month are half of Wii U … after 5 years

It has been clear since the launch of the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a particularly popular console and maybe the turnaround for Nintendo as a company.

Recently, sales numbers have been released that show just how popular the Nintendo Switch is. Nintendo has announced that until September 30, 2017  7.63 million Nintendo Switch consoles have already been sold worldwide. For software titles for the Nintendo Switch, the counter for the same period is at 27.48 million sold. Divide these two, then you are just a little bit shy of 4 games per Switch owner.

Nintendo also announced that the Wii has sold 13.56 million times the world over.


Let us compare that last point well; The Nintendo Wii has been out for five years. As you can see, the Nintendo Switch already has about half of the total sales of the Nintendo Wii U after a period of just six months.

All these figures and the still unprecedented demand of the entire world for the Nintendo Switch, in some countries they are virtually unavailable, have caused Nintendo to correct it’s previous estimate of 10 million sold consoles for the fiscal year (ending March 2018) to 14 million consoles. What would mean that in 1 year the Nintendo Switch would have sold more than the Wii U has done in 5 years.

Wii U underestimated

Let’s be very honest because here the editors are still more then happy wit the Nintendo Wii U, dispite of how everything has been done with the Nintendo Wii U.  If you do not look at the failure in the sales area but focus only on the games then the Wii U still is a very strong system. Maybe Nintendo with the Wii U was just a bit too fast as they also were back in the day with the Virtual Boy.

But one thing should never escape you, and that is that Nintendo takes chances, Nintendo innovates … Nintendo is gaming in its purest form!