Nintendo Switch Sports – Launch trailer

Nintendo Switch Sports – Launch trailer

Nintendo Switch Sports was just launched, and to celebrate, Nintendo published a new video for the game, showcasing the gameplay and many features. Using Joy-Con controllers, get moving with Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, and Chambara (Swordplay)!


About Nintendo Switch Sports

The controls are simple, so you can hit the court (or lanes, or field, or arena) and get started right away. With controlled movements, you can bend a bowling ball, give spin to a tennis stroke, or even kick the ball in a Soccer Shootout using a Joy-Con and the Leg Strap attachment. On the same device or online, family and friends may join in on the excitement. In addition, a seventh sport, Golf, will be released as a free upgrade this autumn.

Play online against opponents from all around the world to win in-game awards or aspire for the Pro League.

Compete against opponents from all around the globe and attempt to achieve the Pro League in every sport. As you play online in random matching, you may redeem your points for in-game gifts like as clothing, sports accessories, gear, and much more for your avatar. The selection of things will change every week, so check back to see what’s new!

Play with your friends and family in the same room or all around the globe.

In all six sports, you may bowl, spike, and battle with your buddies! Pass a Joy-Con controller to a pal for some 1v1, 2v2, or free-for-all fun. Bowling allows all participants to bowl at the same time, so there is no waiting for your turn. Play each game online or with a buddy on the same system to compete against opponents near and far in team sports such as volleyball and tennis.

The Nintendo Switch Sports game is now available.