Nintendo Switch Sports – New items and cosmetics & set completion bonuses

Nintendo Switch Sports – New items and cosmetics & set completion bonuses

Nintendo has announced the first set of additional cosmetics for the freshly launched Nintendo Switch Sports.

To get the cosmetics, just play worldwide online matches to gain in-game points, which can then be redeemed for in-game things like as clothes, rackets, caps, and more. The newly added products are only accessible for a short time, however I imagine they will be cycled after a while. The current new goods are only accessible for 15 days, and claiming a whole set earns you incentives.

About Nintendo Switch Sports

Compete in six sports, including volleyball, football, and bowling, using real-world motions that mimic your game activities.

Rally in tennis by softly swinging the Joy-Con controller at the appropriate moment.

Bowling: roll the ball straight forward or bend it slightly.

Chambara: While attacking and defending, knock your opponent off the platform.

Football: Make explosive plays with a massive ball. Shoot and execute Diving Headers using Joy-Con controllers in matches. You may play Shoot-out mode with intuitive kicking movements by adding a Joy-Con controller to the Leg Strap attachment (sold separately).

Badminton: Keep the shuttlecock in the air by controlling your strokes left and right. Swing the shuttlecock left and right while keeping it in the air. Use strong smash shots to get an advantage!

Volleyball: Serve, bump, set, and spike the ball using a Joy-Con controller.

Play with family and friends in person or online, or challenge people from all around the globe. Aside from customizing your avatar with goods earned while playing online, there are several opportunities to have fun, such as testing your skills in the Pro League, where you may aim to enhance your rank by winning various sports.

Two free software upgrades are scheduled for the summer and fall. The first upgrade, which will be available this summer, will enable you to play football matches using a Joy-Con controller and the Leg Strap attachment. Golf will be included as a new sport to the game in the second update, which will be released this fall.