No Cross-Play for Dragon Ball: The Breakers planned

No Cross-Play for Dragon Ball: The Breakers planned

Bandai Namco launched Dragon Ball: The Breakers a few months ago, an asymmetrical multiplayer game in which regular survivors face out against a strong “raider” character from the anime.

Producer Ryosuke Hara joined down with Siliconera for an interview to reveal some behind-the-scenes details about the game’s development as well as give gamers a better sense of what to anticipate from it. The fact that the game will not feature cross-play “at the time,” as well as the fact that there will be some kind of save data connection with other Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 games, are among the most intriguing revelations.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers ties into Xenoverse 2?

What role will Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s plot, assets, and gameplay play in Dragon Ball: The Breakers, and how will they impact it?

Because Hara: Dragon Ball: The Breakers and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 are situated in the same world, fans may notice similarities in background narrative and assets between the two games. We are unable to provide more specifics at this time, but there will be a save data connection between these two games, so please stay tuned for further information in the future.

Will Dragon Ball: The Breakers allow you to play and save across platforms? Is it a feature you may explore in the future if it isn’t available now?

Hara: At the present, there are no plans to enable cross-platform and cross-save.

What type of assistance do you think you’ll be able to provide for Dragon Ball: The Breakers, and how do you think the game’s roadmap will look? How frequently would new characters be introduced?

Hara: It’s a bit early to speak about future plans right now. Stay tuned for additional information!

Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2022.