NYXI Wizard, GameCube-styled controller

NYXI Wizard, GameCube-styled controller

Over the course of the last several years, a number of third parties have developed their very own controllers that are compatible with Nintendo Switch. Now, NYXI has introduced its very own device, which is called the NYXI Wizard.


NYXI Wizard

Aside from having a design reminiscent of the GameCube, the NYXI Wizard is distinctive in that it makes an effort to prevent drift, which has proven very common with Joy-Con in particular. This is done using the joystick that has a Hall Effect. As a result of the fact that it is never physically touched, “the sensors do not wear out as they do on analog joysticks,” which eliminates the possibility of drift.

There are also additional noteworthy features of the controller, such as the fact that users may change the joystick rings depending on the game they are playing. The round joystick circle lets you to play racing games without boundaries, while the octagonal joystick circle helps you to rapidly and correctly place the attack direction in fighting games. This information is provided by NYXI.

The ZR and ZL buttons “are quieter, lighter, have less resistance, and have shorter trigger lengths to let you shoot quicker,” which is another feature that deserves to be mentioned. Additionally, in order to provide a more enjoyable gaming experience, the “ABXY buttons offer white light effects and a nice feel.”

If you are interested, you can buy the NYXI Wizard from the official website. The price will be $69 per unit.