Overcooked! All You Can Eat – World Food Festival update

Overcooked! All You Can Eat – World Food Festival update

Overcooked is getting a new “World Food Festival” update soon! It’s been announced: All You Can Eat. Access will be open to all gamers as of October 12, 2022.


About World Food Festival update

New cuisines, new chefs, ten hard levels, and more are all part of the update.

  • 3 NEW BIOMES: Prepare to put on your chef’s hat and get to work on 10 new levels in 3 different Biomes! Waiting for you are Baked Bazaar, Metro Mash, and Pepper Plaza.
  • NEW CHEFS: We’re happy to say that some new chefs are joining the team! Globe, Fox, and one other skin for Goldfish.
  • NEW RECIPES: What would Overcooked be without some delicious recipes? Try your hand at making some tasty bobotie and curry.
  • ORDER UP! : We’re happy to tell you about a new mechanic. From time to time, a delivery bag may be in the way of a serving point. Put the raw ingredient that was asked for, and someone will come to get it!
  • ACCESSIBILITY ADDITIONS: This tasty update will include many accessibility improvements, such as the ability to skip levels, turn off fires, reduce flashing and camera shake, and more.

About Overcooked! All You Can Eat 

Overcooked!, Overcooked! 2. All of the extra content is mixed in with the original game and remastered for this delicious definitive edition.

Enjoy hundreds of levels of co-op cooking chaos in kitchens that are getting more dangerous and hard to understand.

Overcooked! Goes Online

Overcooked now has online multiplayer fully built in for the first time ever! In ONLINE, you can go back to your favorite kitchens from the first game.

A Sight to See!

Both games look better than ever, and the graphics have been taken to a whole new level. This is the best the Overcooked! series has ever looked.

New Content That’s Good!

Overcooked is the only game that has new levels, new chefs, and new chaos. All You Can Eat.

Multiple Modes!

Campaign, Survival, and Practice modes are available, and a new mode called “Assist” is also available. Assist mode has a number of ways to make the game less hectic, such as slowing down the time it takes to make a recipe, making round times longer, and letting you skip levels.

Everyone Can Get There!

Overcooked! All You Can Eat has features that let as many people as possible join the food craze! Text options that are easy for people with dyslexia to read are also available.

In Overcooked, you can go back to the Onion King for an epic feast. All You Can Eat.