Paleo Pines update out now (version 1.3.3), patch notes

Paleo Pines update out now (version 1.3.3), patch notes


The Paleo Pines Version 1.3.3 update brings a plethora of exciting additions, including stunning new dino colors, deluxe food options for herbivores and carnivores, and a limited-time Chocolate Egg Hunt event. Alongside these features are several fixes and optimizations, enhancing gameplay experience. This article dives deep into the patch notes, highlighting all the significant changes and improvements introduced in this latest update.

Paleo Pines Version 1.3.3 Update

Welcome to the latest installment of Paleo Pines, where the prehistoric world continues to evolve with each update. Version 1.3.3 marks a significant milestone, introducing a range of new features, improvements, and fixes to enhance your gaming experience. Let’s delve into the exciting additions awaiting players in this update.

Gorgeous New Dino Colors

One of the most visually striking aspects of the Paleo Pines Version 1.3.3 update is the introduction of gorgeous new dino colors. Through a collaborative effort with mods and content creators, players can now discover a vibrant array of hues adorning their prehistoric companions. From radiant reds to tranquil blues, these new colors add depth and personality to the diverse ecosystem of Paleo Pines.

Deluxe Herbivore and Carnivore Foods

In response to player feedback, the developers have introduced ‘deluxe’ herbivore and carnivore foods in this update. These enhanced food options not only last longer but also provide a bonus to the happiness of your dinos. Now, you can ensure that your beloved creatures are well-fed and content, fostering stronger bonds and improving overall gameplay satisfaction.

Wild Collectables Integration

Exploring the wilderness of Paleo Pines has never been more rewarding, thanks to the integration of wild collectables. With the right skills, players can now pick up these valuable items while mounted on their dinos, adding an extra layer of excitement to their adventures. Whether it’s gathering resources or uncovering hidden treasures, the possibilities are endless in this immersive world.

Chocolate Egg Hunt Event

Prepare for a sweet surprise with the debut of the Chocolate Egg Hunt event in Paleo Pines Version 1.3.3. For a limited time, players can embark on a thrilling hunt for chocolate eggs scattered throughout the landscape. These delectable treats can be used to instantly befriend a dino or raise a dino to helper level, offering valuable rewards and fostering camaraderie among players. Don’t miss out on this egg-citing event!

Fix for Rare Credits Error

A rare error that prevented the credits from playing has been addressed in this update. Now, players can fully appreciate the efforts of the talented team behind Paleo Pines, ensuring that their contributions are duly recognized and appreciated.

Zara’s Idle Animation Fix

Players may have noticed an issue with Zara’s idle animation not looping correctly, causing her to appear frozen in place. This update resolves that issue, ensuring smooth and seamless animations for all characters in the game.

Small Dinos Working at Hubs Fixes

Various fixes have been implemented to address issues with small dinos working at hubs. These adjustments optimize gameplay mechanics and improve the overall functionality of the game, providing a more enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

Memory Optimizations

Lastly, the Paleo Pines Version 1.3.3 update includes memory optimizations to enhance performance across all platforms. These optimizations ensure smoother gameplay and reduce the likelihood of crashes or slowdowns, allowing players to immerse themselves fully in the prehistoric world of Paleo Pines.

Availability and Platform

The Paleo Pines Version 1.3.3 update is now available on the Nintendo Switch platform, bringing all these exciting features and improvements to players worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of Paleo Pines, now is the perfect time to embark on your prehistoric adventure and discover all that this update has to offer.


The Paleo Pines Version 1.3.3 update revolutionizes gameplay with its vibrant dino colors, delectable food options, and engaging Chocolate Egg Hunt event. With fixes and optimizations, players can enjoy a smoother experience. Stay tuned for more updates and events, making your Paleo Pines adventure even more thrilling!

  • What are the highlights of Paleo Pines 1.3.3 update?
    • The highlights include new dino colors, deluxe food options, and a Chocolate Egg Hunt event.
  • How long will the Chocolate Egg Hunt event last?
    • The event is available for a limited time during the update.
  • Can I participate in the event on different platforms?
    • Yes, the event is accessible across all platforms supporting Paleo Pines.
  • Are there any known issues addressed in this update?
    • Yes, the update includes fixes for various issues, including rare errors and animation glitches.
  • How can I update my game to version 1.3.3?
    • You can update your game through the respective platform’s update mechanism.