Persona 5 Strikers – Localization delayed due to COVID-19

Persona 5 Strikers – Localization delayed due to COVID-19

Persona series fans will know, the English release of Persona 5 Strikers shuld be hitting Nintendo Switch on 23 February 2021.

Which is more than one year after its original Japanese release. Yeah it took long and as it turns out, current global events were partly to blame for this extensive wait. Which should not come as a surprise.

During an online chat between Erika Harlacher (Ann’s voice actor) and Cassandra Lee Morris (Morgana’s voice actor), the two revealed that this one-year gap was due to the COVID-19 outbreak throughout 2020.

Originally, the localization team had planned to conduct the game’s English voice recordings in April 2020 – but then a quarantine went into effect.When this quarantine went on for longer than expected, the localization team then had to resort to a “Plan B” by sending its voice actors microphones and equipment to record voice lines remotely instead.

Amidst all of this, Harlacher and Morris recall wanting to assure fans that an English localization was indeed in the works – but could not reveal such information at the time.

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