Play Half-Life – With homebrew

Play Half-Life – With homebrew

Half-Life, a very popular first-person shooter developed by Valve, is now finally playable on Nintendo Switch via homebrew.

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Homebrew is amazing

First of let me start by saying we do not condone piracy  or cheating in any way or form. But we do appreciate what homebrew can bring to the table as well. We will never go into detail on how to do these things here, there are enough places that will tell you how.


Goldscr engine

This is all thanks to the release of the custom Goldsrc engine on Nintendo Switch, which allows players to play Half-Life on it. As far as we can tell, the game runs very smoothly, but you’ll probably encounter long pauses while the game is loading or saving.

Multiplayer isn’t supported yet, but it’s in the works. You’ll probably not be able to use Blue Shift and Opposing Force for now as there are custom attributes that aren’t supported yet.

But it all goes to show what the Nintendo Switch is capable of and for that … our hat is of to the homebrew community!