Pokemon Unite – Dragonite Spotlight

Pokemon Unite – Dragonite Spotlight

The Pokemon Company uploaded a new video spotlighting the next playable Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite, Dragonite.

The video features the dragon Pokemon Dragonite, who will be joining Pokemon Unite‘s roster on December 20th 2021 as part of the Holiday Festivities event, upon which it will be available to purchase in the in-game shop.


Dragonite in Pokemon Unite

Type: All-Rounder (Melee) Difficulty: Intermediate
Basic Attack – Every third attack is a boosted attack blasting water. When the boosted attack hits an enemy, reduce the Cooldown of Dragonite’s move and recover HP.
Dragonair Basic – Alternate from a Water and an Electro attack. The electric spell stuns the opponent.


Marvel Scale: Dragonite Defense increases when a status condition inflicts the Pokemon.
Multiscale: Reduces the damage the Pokemon Receives for a short time. This ability goes on CooldownCooldown once it is triggered.

Initial Abilities

Twister – Creates a twister and releases it in a designated direction, decreasing the movement speed of Opponents Pokemon that are hit by the skill.

Dragon Breath – Dragonite exhales a mighty gust in the designated direction. If the skill hits an enemy, the following basic is a boosted attack.

Mid-Game Skills

Option A: Dragon Dance

Level 5: Dragonite performs a dance move, increasing his Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and DMG. Hitting an Opponent will reduce the Cooldown of this ability. After being cast three times, it will increase its DMG.

Option B: Extreme Speed

Level 5: Dragonite leap at a designated enemy and throw it, dealing AoE damage and shoving enemies in the landing area. Using this move will reset the Cooldown of Multiscale. Upgrade: Cleanse any hindrance affecting Dragonite movement speed.

Late Game Skills

Option A: Hyperbeam

Level 8: Dragonite, charge up power and unleash a beam of light that sweeps up the ground in a straight line, making DMG base n the opponent max HP.  Dragonite is stunned after using this skill. Upgrade: Damage taken from enemies will be reduced while using this skill.

Option B: Outrage

Level 8: Dragonite starts rampaging, stomping on the ground, dealing AoE damage to the opposing Pokemon. Triggering the effect of the previous boost attack. During the rampage state, all basic attacks become boosted. Dragonite will be stunned by the end of the move.

Unite Move: Draco Impact

Level 10: Dragonite fly for a few seconds before crashing down with several comets on a designated area, dealing AoE damage, and throwing enemies. The most extended Dragonite fly, the less gauge (DMG) this move will inflict.

Dragonite is unstoppable while using this move.