PowerSlave Exhumed – Physical Editions preorders January 27th

PowerSlave Exhumed – Physical Editions preorders January 27th

Limited Run Games has provided information on the upcoming physical release of PowerSlave: Exhumed for the Nintendo Switch. This was first revealed back in June of last year.

About PowerSlave Exhumed

PowerSlave: Exhumed will have two different physical versions available for purchase. You have the option of purchasing the “Standard Edition” or the “Classic Edition.” The latter comes in a throwback-style longbox and contains both the game and the music.

The ancient Egyptian city of Karnak was our last destination. The previously prospering society has been completely cut off from any and all communication with the outside world by alien entities having terrifying abilities. You have been prepared for any and all scenarios thanks to your training as a clandestine operations expert. However, there is nothing that can prepare you for the nightmare that you are about to enter…


  • Action 20+ Seen from the First-Person Perspective Gameplay that never stops as it takes you through many levels, an ancient Egyptian city, and the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses
  • The gameplay is totally real-time and displayed in 3D, and it enables you to switch between levels inside the same level.
  • You’ll have to traverse several bridges, and then swim through some underwater grottos.
  • Find six more weapons, including hand grenades, a flame thrower, an M-60 machine gun, and a mystical cobra staff, after starting with only a machete as your only weapon.
  • The use of dynamic lighting results in breathtaking visual effects.

Beginning on January 27, 2023, PowerSlave: Exhumed will be available for pre-order in both digital and physical formats on Nintendo Switch.