Puchikon4 SmileBASIC delayed to Spring 2019

Puchikon4 SmileBASIC delayed to Spring 2019

SmileBoom, the developer of the SmileBASIC/Petit Computer BASIC programming apps for Nintendo systems, has announced Puchikon4 SmileBASIC has been delayed.


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Puchikon4 SmileBASIC was initially scheduled to launch in Fall 2018, but has now been delayed to Spring 2019. The reason behind the delay is to improve various aspects of the game, such as improving the software keyboard, new codes and sample programs, and much more.

About Puchikon4 SmileBASIC

Similar to its predecessors, Puchikon4 SmileBASIC (also known as Petit Computer) will allow players to code their games in the BASIC programming language. Completed games can be uploaded online for other players to enjoy, and an online back up feature has been implemented.

Puchikon4 SmileBASIC will let creators take advantage of various Nintendo Switch functionality in their games, such as HD Rumble, IR Camera, Gyro, and more. Tutorials are available for beginners new to the BASIC language. It’s also compatible with third party keyboard accessories.