Rage Among the Stars releasing soon

Rage Among the Stars releasing soon

Eastasiasoft and Kata Games announced a collaboration on Rage Among the Stars, a “rage-inducing” 2D platformer. It will be released on the Nintendo Switch on May 10, 2022.


About Rage Among the Stars

Rage Among the Stars is an homage to a harsher period in gaming, inspired by the merciless difficulty of old-school classics. Everything is fine-tuned to immerse players in the “anger game” experience, with 40 wrath-inducing levels filled with ingenious traps, near impossible leaps, huge monsters, and fewer checkpoints than you’d probably want. Completing each level results in a tremendous feeling of achievement.

Enjoy a simple tale about an extraterrestrial on his way home from a manufacturing job when his spacecraft malfunctions and crashes down on a dangerous planet. Can you assist him in making the trip home?


  • Navigate 40 pixel art levels filled with hazardous traps and dangers.
  • Continue to try as the merciless death meter keeps track of your unsuccessful efforts!
  • If things get too challenging, switch to easy difficulty.
  • Feel the satisfaction of mastering a classic task!

Rage Among the Stars will be available as an eShop download for the Nintendo Switch. The price is set at $4.99 / €4.99.