Research and Destroy – Launch trailer

Research and Destroy – Launch trailer

Spike Chunsoft and Implausible Industries released a launch video for their new turn-based action game, Research and Destroy.

Research and Destroy is a turn-based action game that supports both local and online multiplayer. Control three bright scientists as you explore and invent weird new weapons and devices to battle the Supernatural hordes who have almost killed civilization!


About Research and Destroy

RESEARCH – Using battlefield vivisections, get new information about the Supernatural menace, then create dramatic enhancements for each strange weapon and interesting device!

DESTROY – Plan ahead of time, then run-and-gun in a mix of turn-based strategy and real-time shooting—every second matters!

CO-OP – Customize your scientists’ look, then play local and online co-op with pals whenever you want!

CAMPAIGN – Use guerilla scientific methods to manipulate the campaign map and search for the Supernatural source–no two playthroughs are same!

Research and Destroy is available digitally for the Nintendo Switch via the eShop.