River City Saga: Three Kingdoms – Western release on July 21, 2022

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms – Western release on July 21, 2022

Arc System Works and APlus Games released Kunio-kun no Sangokushi dayo: Zeiin Shuugou! last year, a new River City spin-off game set in the ancient Three Kingdoms period instead!

Both companies have announced that River City Saga: Three Kingdoms would be released in the west for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC on July 21, 2022, for $29.99 USD. As previously stated, the game will put players in the shoes of Kunio-Kun and his merry band as they rip up the Warring States era!


About River City Saga: Three Kingdoms

Wild and wacky action! Kunio Causes Mayhem in the Three Kingdoms!

The River City ensemble of characters go to the Three Kingdoms stage to cause havoc! This title expands on the renowned Downtown Special: River City Historical Drama! game’s idea by crossing international borders to depict the story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Watch the wild and comic action unfold as our hero Guan Yu (also known as Kunio) fights to survive the turbulent days of the late Han Empire. The remainder of the cast appears as generals, tacticians, and other characters, giving the Three Kingdoms a River City spin! From the Yellow Turban Rebellion to the Battle of Red Cliffs, enjoy a hilarious, action-packed retelling of major historical events.

You Know and Love the Beat ‘Em Up Action!

The gameplay focuses on the series’ trademark beat ’em up action. A huge gaming world is formed by intricately interwoven sections. Apart from combat, you may go shopping in villages and towns. Visit the sights and explore every nook and corner!

Turn the Battle Tide with Flashy “Tactics” Moves!

With spectacular “Tactics” moves, you can turn the tides of combat in your favor! With these Tactics, you may affect all of the adversaries on the screen. Using them in appropriate locations may potentially lead to the discovery of secret chambers or passages…?

About “Three Kingdoms Heroes: Battle of Red Cliffs”

In addition to the Story Mode, “Heroes of the Three Kingdoms: Battle of Red Cliffs” offers a mode for up to four players with local and internet co-op.

Conquer a total of ten levels filled with formidable bosses, working together at times and competing at others. There’s a lot to learn, from how to turn friendly fire on or off to how to uncover secret levels.