SaGa Scarlet Grace coming 2018

SaGa Scarlet Grace coming 2018

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the European or North American Nintendo Direct presentation is that SaGa Scarlet Grace is heading to the Nintendo Switch.

But why was it not mentioned in the other Nintendo Direct’s? There was a Vita version of this game in roughly 2016 so…

Japan Only?

The game was announced during the Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation. As you might have not followed that specific Nintendo Direct you can check out a video of the game in action down below.


But you’re probably wondering why a localization or English release is likely.

Based on the fact that it’s Vita game being ported to multiple platforms. Having Steam as a platform basically implies a Western or English release in almost every situation.

There is rarely a situation where a publisher does a Steam port of a Japanese game for Japan given the market there and in the past when Square Enix has announced a game for Steam in Japan, it has always been localized. 

As of now it is set to launch on all platforms in 2018 in Japan and at this stage it will likely release in English soon after or at the same time. Did you end up playing Romancing SaGa 2 and like it enough to want more from the franchise?