Saturday Morning RPG announced

Saturday Morning RPG announced

Limited Run Games, known for the limited physical editions of various games for consoles and handheld devices, has announced their first game for the Nintendo Switch.

The game Saturday Morning RPG coming this spring because the Switch!

There is a digital and physical version of the game, in which the physical version will be sold on the site of Limited Run Games.

Saturday Morning RPG was previously released for iOS, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game was also announced a few years ago for the Wii U. This version has only never seen the light of day. Saturday Morning RPG owes its name to the style of the game; The entire game was created in cartoon style, as in the 80s every Saturday morning came on American television.

Over Saturday Morning RPG

In Saturday Morning RPG, you play as Marty in an open world where there are regular fights with enemies. These fights are standard Japanese RPG battles; during the attacks and defenses action is expected of you.

Some enemies you have to press some buttons to do more damage and to defend yourself you have to press a button at the right time.

Beyond the battles, you can explore the open world of the game and find new items in this way to use in fights, carrying a number of quests and collect XP points to strengthen your character. Additionally, you can find special stickers, which enhance your powers and you can bet at the start of a battle.

Trailer – Saturday Morning RPG


Do you look forward to this game, or do you prefer a game in a more modern style?