SEGA – No plans for physical Sonic Origins … yet

SEGA – No plans for physical Sonic Origins … yet

Katie Chrzanowski, SEGA of America’s social media manager, posted a brief list of commonly asked questions regarding Sonic Origins on her Twitter account. She said the firm is presently considering a digital-only release, but that might change since there are “no plans for physical at the time.”

Before committing to a physical version, the business will most likely wait to see how well Sonic Origins sells when it is released on June 23rd.

About Sonic Origins


Prepare to be immersed in classic Sonic the HedgehogTM games like never before! Sonic Origins is an all-new multi-game compilation that digitally remasters the beloved 2D Sonic games that were first published on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive platform – Sonic The Hedgehog 1, 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD – for current generation platforms. Sonic Origins, developed by SEGA®, presents the renowned, non-stop Sonic action seen in the original games while adding a new twist with upgraded graphics, new features, additional content and modes, and more.

Pre-order the Standard Edition or Digital Deluxe and get the Start Dash bundle, which includes 100 Bonus Coins in-game cash, the new Mirror Mode, and the ability to personalize your playthrough with a customized Letterbox Background. And there are even more intriguing new features in Digital Deluxe.

CLASSIC RE-DEFINED POWER on Sonic Origins with brand-new opening and closing animations for each game! From the classic Green Hill Zone to the perilous Death Egg Robot, you’ll race down memory lane to stop Doctor Robotnik’s diabolical schemes in glossy high definition! When you’re ready for a new challenge, activate the exclusive in-game Mirror Mode!


Classic Mode allows you to play a multi-game collection of classic Sonic games in their vintage style. This mode retains the original game presentation and plays in the traditional finite life and game over format. To try something new, enter the Anniversary Mode, which has a full-screen display and an endless amount of lives to keep the fun going without having to restart the game.


Compete for numerous tasks throughout the games to put your talents to the test and win money. Players may use coins to access additional content from the vault, check out the Special Stage, and do other things.