Slaycation Paradise – Physical release confirmed

Slaycation Paradise – Physical release confirmed

Merge Games and Affordable Acquisition stated that Slaycation Paradise, their next inter-dimensional twin-stick shooter, would be distributed physically on the Nintendo Switch. The title will be available at major shops.

Last month, Slaycation Paradise was revealed for the Nintendo Switch. However, this is the first time we’ve heard of a tangible version.


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About Slaycation Paradise

Is it time for a vacation? Our skilled staff of travel agents, situated deep in the center of the galaxy, is ready to transport you to the alternative Earth adventure scenario of a lifetime. Explore gorgeous and turbulent vacation places with an all-in-one arsenal of odd and nasty weaponry for that completely loaded firepower experience! With Slaycation Paradise, you can relax and kill all of your troubles!


  • Twinstick shooting and Tower Defense! – Combining the greatest elements of both genres to create an interesting and addicting gameplay loop in which swarms of bloodthirsty opponents await your arrival!
  • Apocalypse, apocalypse, apocalypse, apocalypse, apoca Discover parallel Earths that are all going through bizarre End-of-the-World situations that are precisely built for the greatest in family vacation amusement.
  • Strange and Wonderful Weapons! – Enjoy an apocalyptic weapon assortment that includes everything from the basic pump shotgun and flamethrower to the strange and amazing cat-launcher, magic wands, and many more.
  • Create your own Tower Defense setup — The truly awesome Construction Assembly Turret (C.A.T. kit), which provides bespoke defensive constructions everywhere you choose, is available to all visitors for free. Perfect for all of your defense requirements against the zombie hordes! Your C.A.T. kit will provide you and your loved ones further protection and guarantee you enjoy every second of your stay at the end of days.
  • Earn Slaycation Club Member Rewards — At Slaycation Paradise, we like to give back to our members. You’ll earn Slaycation Club Rewards while traveling with us, enabling you to acquire wild new weaponry and fantastic upgrade benefits. Only the finest will do for our esteemed clients!

There is presently no information on a release date for Slaycation Paradise, but we do know that it will be distributed physically around launch.