Splatoon 3 – Charger weapons

Splatoon 3 – Charger weapons

The Big N’s drip feed of Splatoon 3 info continues, as the company has now revealed the game’s “charger” weaponry.

These power-up weapons may be activated by pressing and holding ZR. You’ll then fire a strong shot that can strike distant targets.

Get Charged

The Classic Squiffer, E-liter 4K, and Splat Charger were all unveiled today for Splatoon 3. The Classic Squiffer is a well-balanced weapon with moderate range and a modest charge time. The Classic Squiffer charges rapidly but has a limited range. Finally, the E-liter 4k is on the other end of the spectrum, with a lengthy charging time but a massive range — and it uses a lot of ink.

The films below show the charging weapons – Classic Squiffer, E-liter 4K, and Splat Charger – in Splatoon 3.

About Splatoon 3

In the upcoming Splatoon game, ink up the Splatlands!

Enter the Splatlands, a scorching desert home to battle-hardened Inklings and Octolings. The adrenaline-fueled core of this dusty wasteland lies Splatsville, the city of disorder.

Turf War remains supreme even in this harsh setting, as conflicts flare in new levels found in the surrounding wilds, such as the breathtaking Scorch Gorge.

A new bow-shaped weapon to sling ink and new special weapons, such as the scuttling Crab Tank, allow these combatants evade assaults and cover more territory.

“The Return of the Mammals”

In Splatoon 3’s narrative mode, take control of Agent 3 and battle with the New Squidbeak Splatoon against the wicked Octarian army. Learn about Alterna, the Fuzzy Ooze, and how it relates to the mode’s theme, “Return of the Mammalians.”

Next Wave of Salmon

The Salmonid have returned, and they have some fresh surprises in store for the Inklings and Octolings in cooperative mode: Salmon Run!

A fresh new installment in the Splatoon series.

Discover the Splatlands, a new sun-drenched paradise with avant-garde residents.

Experiment with new Inkling and Octoling styles.

The 4v4 Turf Wars are back, with new stages, maneuvers, and weaponry.

Splatoon 3 will be released on the Nintendo Switch this summer. Nintendo revealed last week that all basic weapons from Splatoon and Splatoon 2 would be returning.