Star Fox’s original character designer wants a Star Fox Zero port

Star Fox’s original character designer wants a Star Fox Zero port

Star Fox Zero was published on Nintendo’s Wii U system around 6 years ago. Unfortunately, the game’s response was polarizing for a variety of reasons. Even now, years later, the game continues to split Star Fox enthusiasts.


Star Fox Zero has not even been transferred to the Nintendo Switch due to the game’s success. Takaya Imamura, the original character designer for Star Fox, disagrees with this choice. In a tweet commemorating Star Fox Zero’s six-year anniversary, Imamura expressed his desire for Nintendo to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch, despite “certain problems.”

About Star Fox Zero

The Lylat System is under threat! In Star Fox Zero, an epic 3D shooter, join Fox, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy as they struggle to safeguard the galaxy. Leading the Star Fox crew to exotic worlds and spectacular dogfights against the wicked Andross’ invading empire, you and your allies will battle it out!

Take a seat in the cockpit!

You’ll employ an immersive control system in Star Fox Zero to deliver fresh viewpoints on the action.

You’ll get a cinematic vision of the action unfolding all around you if you watch it on TV. A cockpit view and an aiming reticle are shown on the GamePad touch screen, allowing you to line up your shots with accuracy using motion controls. As an expert flyer, attempt to pull off complex aerial maneuvers like somersaults and barrel rolls to easily dispatch your foes!

In Co-op Play*, you may even play this cosmic adventure with a pal! One person controls the ship on the TV screen while the other sights and fires in this multiplayer game.

On the ground, in the air, and in space!

As you go from planet to planet, you’ll operate a variety of vehicles, including the new drone-like Gyrowing and the traditional Landmaster, to combat Andross’ troops on every front! Some vehicles may also morph into other types of craft: Fox and his team’s famed Arwing can now shift into the Walker, a bipedal assault vehicle.

A new flying route has been established!

Be on the hunt for valuable things, collectable medals, and even branching pathways, no matter how you approach each quest. If you revisit a level using alternative techniques, you can find a teleporter that leads to a difficult new boss battle or a completely other planet!

In Star Fox Zero, go to the skies and lead the struggle against Andross.