SteamWorld Quest – Not physical at launch

SteamWorld Quest – Not physical at launch

Image & Form CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson recently gave an exclusive interview to the folks at Miketendo64 to talk about SteamWorld Quest – Hand of Gilgamech.


Not physical from the start

One of the questions asked was the possibility of a SteamWorld Quest physical release for Nintendo  Switch. While Sigurgeirsson said that a physical release at launch is unlikely, they will probably “publish that at some point”.

The CEO explained that this is because Image & Form usually works on a game right up to the very last minute, so they won’t have enough time in the event they wish to produce a physical release.

Probably not, we never do. That’s for practical reasons – we typically have to work on a game right up to the very last minutes before it HAS to be approved by Nintendo, and the lead times for physical production is always way, way longer than that. But we love physical editions just as much as the next guy. We’re likely to publish that at some point.

Well damnit, give us physical already guys. There is such a strong love for the SteamWorld games that should just justify it.