Studio MDHR – Cuphead DLC

Studio MDHR – Cuphead DLC

Studio MDHR announced that the wonderfully challenging 2D platformer Cuphead is arriving on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Some of you might be wondering what has happened to the promised downloadable content titled the Delicious Last Course?

Delicious Last Course

Well, the studio’s COO Maja Moldenhauer has provided a comment on that, and it doesn’t sound as though it is coming anytime soon.

In true Cuphead fashion it’s taking us a little longer than we thought, but we want to make it a memorable experience.

To be honest I think that we ultimately probably announced it a little too early based on when we actually put pencil to paper, but at the end of the day we want it to be a fulfilling experience and live up to Cuphead and it will come out when it’s ready.