Super Pac-Man is the next Arcade Archives game

Super Pac-Man is the next Arcade Archives game

Hamster has announced that it would be adding a new game to the Arcade Archives label of vintage games every week. Super Pac-Man is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop this week.

Pac-Man eats apples, bananas in bunches, doughnuts, hamburgers, fried eggs, ears of corn, sneakers, cake pieces, raspberries, limes, cups of coffee, mushrooms, Galaxians, bells, and shamrocks instead of dots. Pac-Man must eat keys to unlock certain portals in order to obtain access to the pathways containing these things. The keys unlock fewer convenient entryways as the tiers rise.


About Super Pac-Man

The labyrinth pattern is the same on each board, however the color of the maze walls varies from board to board. The “side door escape path” functions similarly to Pac-Man in that the ghosts may be easily lost. There are energizers that work like Pac-Man energizers, but there are also two “super” energizers on the control panel that expand your size and offer you a super speed choice. When you’re at super size, pushing the super speed button will double your speed. When Pac-Man gets large enough, he can safely navigate through ghosts. When the super energizer is consumed, the ghosts will become longer and thinner. This is to make Super Pac-Man seem to be “flying” over the ghosts. If the ghosts become blue before the super energizer is used, they will retain ordinary size and Pac-Man will be able to eat them regularly.

A flashing star appears in the center of the labyrinth, between two boxes that exhibit bonus fruits or prizes: one box shows the current fruit or reward, while the other shows a rotating selection of them. Pac-Man may get points by eating the star, and if he eats the star while they match, a significant extra score will be awarded.

Occasionally, a bonus level may appear in which Pac-Man will become “Super” and must devour everything in the labyrinth before time runs out. There are no ghosts to chase him at this point. The game also includes the classic cartoon scenes, which are among the greatest in the Pac-Man series.

Super Pac-Man from the Arcade Archives will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop on January 6 for $7.99 / €6.99 / £6.29.