Super Rare Games – Physical-Only Games – Super Rare Shorts

Super Rare Games – Physical-Only Games – Super Rare Shorts

Super Rare Games announced a new “Super Rare Shorts” label that will feature physical-only Nintendo Switch games – which will not be available digitally or on any other platform.

Each game under this label will be made available under an open-pre-order model, so customers will be able to reserve a copy before a set deadline for each release.

While Super Rare Games have not revealed specific games under the label, it teased that its first game would be from developer Glass Revolver (the studio behind ITTA). The company is aiming to reveal and release this title in the next few months.

Super Rare Shorts – The why and how

In an exclusive interview with Nintendo Life, Super Rare Games shared that it was exploring this new physical venture to help such titles receive better attention;

All the games we work on for Super Rare Shorts will only be available physically. If there was massive demand for a particular game, we could certainly then work on spin-off titles with similar themes. Most of the titles we are working on won’t have a mass market demand, so keeping them physical only is a massively important factor for us as it will get more attention from press and fans than it would if there was a digital release associated with that.

This is a sad reality, but you have to evolve to the climate around games, and by creating an amazing, bespoke package with gorgeous art and amazing additional items, is a great way of promoting and marketing an indie game.

In an ideal situation, we wouldn’t need to do this, however marketing a small-scope digital-only indie game is an incredibly unpredictable market space, with it almost always not being commercially viable.

We are hoping for Glass Revolver, the first developer we are working with, we will generate as many sales and a higher level of profit for them with this than they received from their previous project, ITTA, which is an absolutely amazing game that I highly recommend.

This is important to us as I know the team are working on some incredible stuff at the moment, so being able to help fund their future work is honestly incredible.

Of course we wish the team over at Super Rare Games all the best in the world.