Tekken 7 Director; Could come if demand is there

Tekken 7 Director; Could come if demand is there

Tekken series producer / director Katsuhiro Harada has yet to commit to the Nintendo Switch, but notes if the demand is there for Tekken 7 they would consider it.


Well after looking at the above, I want it but …

Is it at all possible?

It would be a tricky process, but if fans want the game on the platform they need to make their voices heard; On the potential of a Nintendo Switch release of Tekken 7, that is dependent on the demand from fans so let them know if you’re interested in seeing that happen. 

Well we should demand it really but shouldn’t Bandai Namco know that we want this … we have wanted Tekken on Nintendo for … well like forever. And we where trilled to see Tekken Tag Tournament 2 come to the Wii U. But sadly the Wii U for al the things it did great (and it really did) it also had it’s shares of flaws./

Those are gone when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, and the Switch itself is selling like mad. I can’t imagine bringing it towards the Nintendo Switch would be a bad thing for Bandai Namco … now would it?