The Hundred Year Kingdom – 34 Minutes of gameplay

The Hundred Year Kingdom – 34 Minutes of gameplay

The Hundred Year Kingdom received 34 minutes of playtime thanks to Nintendo Hall after its debut on Nintendo Switch.


About The Hundred Year Kingdom

Welcome to a brand-new universe that has yet to be discovered. Only you, the Creator, and a fabled young goddess known as an oracle live here.

As you mix your abilities and powers to direct the creation of a completely new civilisation, experience moments of laughter, sorrow, and joy.

What will your world look like a century from now? It’s all up to you!


  • In this easy turn-based simulation, build a civilisation from the ground up over 100 years.
  • With the assistance of a fabled young goddess who calls herself an oracle, construct structures and cultivate land to develop and nurture a civilisation.
  • Your planet will be devoid of complication such as diplomacy, conflict, and natural disasters. Barbarians will not invade, and Gandhi will not launch a nuclear assault on your lovely planet!
  • It is entirely up to you how you care for your civilisation.

The Hundred Year Kingdom allows you to create and maintain a civilisation in your own universe. Create and remodel your planet with mountains, immense oceans, dense savanna, and everything else you can think of!

On the Nintendo Switch eShop, The Hundred Year Kingdom is now available. It has language choices in English, Japanese, and Chinese.