The Journey’s End update for Terraria is now available

The Journey’s End update for Terraria is now available

Terraria for Nintendo Switc received its last update from Re-Logic. The Terraria Journey’s End update, which was first launched for PC in May 2020, makes the main game “complete” by adding a slew of extra material, including new objects, features, and Nintendo Switch-only tweaks like new settings and touch controls.


The Journey’s End update

Journey’s End, which was first launched in May 2020 for PC, takes Terraria to the next level, bringing the basic game to a point where it can finally be deemed “complete.” Journey’s End includes something for everyone, from new methods to play the game to over 1000 new items to locate and manufacture to new bosses to confront, and even a full-pass assessment of the game’s content for balance, visual quality, and mechanics. We’re excited to watch your responses as you explore all this update has to offer, and we hope you appreciate our present to you. It’s been an incredible adventure… but we honestly believe that this is only the beginning for Terraria’s incredible planet.

Nintendo Switch will now be content-wise equal to Terraria’s version with this update. Now that all platforms have reached the end of their journeys, the team will concentrate on bringing Console/Mobile/Switch content up to par with the current PC version (1.4.3)! ​

So, what do you have in store for you at Journey’s End? As you may expect, there’s a lot to cover here, so we’ll give you a quick rundown, along with links to the PC Changelogs and Journey’s End Review articles from the 1.4 launch. While some things may not match exactly (for example, UI/control variations and certain functionality may vary), we believe this is a simple method to familiarize you with the material that is available to you. We’ll go through some of the distinctions as best we can. Are you ready to plan your journey? Continue reading, devoted traveler!


Because Terraria: Journey’s End has so much new material and features, we thought it would be best to direct you to the official Journey’s End Changelog from the PC launch for the complete information. To be clear, there are a handful of features that exist on PC and/or other Consoles that Terraria does not yet support: On the Nintendo Switch, there’s a game called Journey’s End.

On the Nintendo Switch, texture packs and modding are presently unavailable. This is something the team will look at as we go ahead, but we can’t offer any guarantees at this time.

Online + Splitscreen (in combination) Multiplayer is not presently available; however, we will investigate this in a future release since we did not want to postpone the launch to address the many edge case difficulties that this scenario presents.

Only two players can play on the Nintendo Switch. At this moment, splitscreen is the only option.

Local/Bluetooth multiplayer is presently unavailable on the Nintendo Switch; however, the team will investigate this in a future version.

Switch presently does not allow keyboard and mouse controls.

Terraria currently does not offer crossplay; however, once all active platforms have reached content parity, the team hopes to investigate this functionality. We cannot guarantee that we will succeed in this endeavor or that it will take the shape that it will, but we will make every effort to make it a reality.

Let’s have a look at some of the more interesting/larger features:


There are a slew of new settings and choices, ranging from visual quality to control profiles and everything in between!

  • Touch Controls Have Returned, and They’re Better Than Ever!
  • Splitscreen Horizontal Versus Vertical Toggle
  • Adjusted Defaults (Console Legacy/Pick, Red’s Advanced, Simplified) as well to accommodate for the large variety of controls in Journey’s End!
  • Changes to the User Interface to Account for Journey’s End Features
  • Editor for User Interfaces – For more information, see the video above!
  • Dpad Hotbar and Dpad Snap have evolved.

You can now achieve things you couldn’t before with this improved version of these long-standing features:

– 0-4 buttons may now be assigned to the Dpad Hotbar. This was once an all-or-nothing feature.

– In the video, Dpad Snap may now be mapped individually (LB+Dpad), allowing players to utilize both Dpad Hotbar and Dpad Snap at the same time.

Dpad Snap is enabled by default in Classic controls, however no Dpad Hotbar buttons are assigned; we leave this up to you, the player.


More than 1000 additional things (beyond 1.3.5) have been added, increasing the total number of objects to almost 5000!

There are new critters to locate, enemies to fight, and two new boss fights!

Blood Moon and Lava Fishing are two new minibiomes that have been added to the game.

New epic Terraria music, plus a whole lot more!

JOURNEY MODE is a mode that allows you to go on a journey

Journey Mode makes Terraria more accessible by putting the ability to build the gameplay you want in your hands. You must dig up research blocks, locate objects, and fight adversaries in order to earn unlimited power to replicate or change the game’s complexity to your preferences. Finally, you may customize your Terraria experience to your liking… the only limit is your creativity!

Terraria’s New Journey Mode – With Great Power Comes Great Accessibility

On Switch, how will all of this work? This is where some of the new Switch UI tweaks are useful. Here are a few such examples:

On Switch, Research & Duplication are found in Inventory, thus you may Research, Duplicate, Craft, and Repeat without ever leaving your Inventory Screen!

With your Journey Powers under Settings, you may control the weather, difficulty, enemy spawns, Godmode, and much more!