The Long Dark update 2.00.91441 patch notes

The Long Dark update 2.00.91441 patch notes

This month, Hinterland Studio released a new update for The Long Dark, giving Nintendo Switch owners access to version 2.00.91441. It includes “several substantial bug fixes, as well as game and performance enhancements.”

Update 2.00.91441 patch notes

The following are the complete patch notes for The Long Dark’s version 2.00.91441 update:


[Update] Unity has been updated to 2019.4.34f1.

[Rendering] When playing the game on Linux, there was a problem that caused excessive Z-fighting (flickering) on various objects and the surroundings.

[Rendering] Vulcan is now used by default in Linux builds.

[General] Save data has been optimized to assist minimize the total size of save files.

[General] A bug that might cause stuttering or freezing while lighting a campfire or torch has been fixed.

[General] Fixed an issue that caused containers that have previously been searched by the Player to re-randomize their contents.

[General] The problem with Noisemakers’ explosion decals disappearing between game sessions has been resolved.

[Gameplay] Measures have been included to prevent players from falling through things when they wake up after sleeping.


[Map] Corrected an issue that allowed Prepper Caches to display on the Map even if the Player has not Surveyed the region.

[UI] Blackrock Region: Corrected an inaccurate button icon for the “Go Down” prompt while utilizing the Blackrock Mine Elevator.

[UI] Corrected an issue that caused certain text on the Main Menu to display at a lower quality than planned.

[UI] Resolved an issue that prohibited players from entering the Radial Menu correctly while Steam Input was enabled.

[UI] Corrected an issue that caused the Crafting Filter to default to the Ammunition Crafting Filter after interacting with the Ammunition Crafting Bench for all benches.

[UI] Fixed a bug that prevented Subtitles and Closed Captions from appearing when the Voiceover audio level was set to 0.

[UI] Fixed an issue that caused fuel to be automatically added to a fire when using an Xbox Controller to reach the “Add Fuel” option.

[UI] Resolved an issue that caused item-related caution messages to display under menus when they were attempted to be utilized.

[UI] Corrected an issue that caused certain sites to report as freshly found when they had previously been located.

[UI] Corrected a bug in which the Journal reported an inaccurate number of collectible Buffer Memories.

[UI] Corrected a bug in which the Blackrock Region map was missing several roads.

[UI] Corrected a bug that caused an empty UI box to show when the Player pushed “Escape” when browsing the Cooking Slot menu.


[Enviro] General art and environment polish are applied to all regions.

[Enviro] Removed shrubs and grass that were clipping through the environment or other items.

[Enviro] Repaired a number of floating items discovered across the earth.

[Enviro] Closed a minor hole discovered in the inside geometry of automobiles.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Corrected a misaligned water trigger so that players do not drown before reaching the water under the Power Plant entrance.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Fixed an issue that permitted light effects to show in the Steam Tunnels during the Aurora even when no electrical items were present.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Fixed a number of places that gave players access to inaccessible sections of the Region.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Removed several floating or misplaced items.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Many bugs where goods might fall through the world if dropped at certain areas have been fixed.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Fixed several bugs that caused players to get stranded or fall through the globe.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Fixed a number of bugs where snow wasn’t being lighted properly.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Fixed a problem that caused certain door frames to vanish, enabling players to look through them inadvertently.

[Enviro] Blackrock Region: Changed the Level of Detail settings in a few places to avoid geometry from popping in.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Fixed scaling difficulties with parts of the region’s rock faces.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Fixed a bug that prohibited the Player from disassembling the Hand Truck located in the Prison Interior.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Corrected a bug that caused certain materials to float after breaking down an item in the Old Substation.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Repaired a tiny hole discovered in the Steam Tunnel geo.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Replaced a static Car Battery encountered in certain cars with the right (interactable) version.

[Environment] Blackrock Region: Fixed an issue that caused players to sink through the planks located in the Mines if they saved and then restarted the game while standing on the planks.

[Environment] Hushed River Valley: Repaired some birch saplings that had been planted too deeply in the snow.


[Gameplay] Mountain Town: Fixed a problem that caused the Key to Paradise Meadows Farm to despawn, making it impossible for players to collect it.

[Gameplay] Corrected a bug that allowed pre-existing Carcasses to deteriorate quicker than expected. (We’re still looking on decay rates for animals killed by Players.)

[Gameplay] Corrected an issue that allowed the Ballistic Vest’s bonus to stay active after the vest was removed.

[Gameplay] Corrected an issue that prohibited the Noisemaker from exploding when thrown at the same time that a conflict began.

[Gameplay] Corrected an issue that caused certain goods discovered in the Blackrock Mines to produce new stacks when added to inventory rather than stacking with current items.

[Gameplay] Corrected an issue that caused Noisemakers to go unlit if they were lit before transitioning through a load screen, resulting in uneven fuse burn times.

[Gameplay] A bug in which players may interact with containers while carrying a lighted Noisemaker has been fixed.

[Crafting] Corrected an issue in which Crampon Repair incorrectly needed a Sewing Kit.

[Crafting] Making the Noisemaker no longer improves your Repair Skill.

[Crafting] Corrected an issue that enabled players to make more Bullets than their current supply of Gunpowder permitted.


** Please be aware that this section includes WINTERMUTE spoilers. **

[EP 2] Fixed an issue that might prohibit the Player from opening the Carter Dam gate.

[EP 2] Added missing speech audio when inquiring about wildlife with Methuselah.

[EP 4] Corrected an issue that caused the game to hang or enter various erroneous states if an autosave happened while a cinematic was playing. This fixes a variety of difficulties, such as NPCs being stuck or the game loading to a blank screen.

[Episode 4] Fixed a bug that caused players to get trapped in the Suffocating state if they saved and reloaded while in the Suffocating state.

[Episode 4] Blackrock Blues: Corrected a bug that prohibited players from climbing through the window leading to the Infirmary.


[Custom] Fixed an issue so that the default difficulty in Voyager and Stalker is now appropriately set to “Random.”


[Darkwalker] Corrected a bug that prevented players from seeing the text warning “Cannot rest while Anxious/Afraid” when suffering from the Anxious/Afraid Affliction.

[ArchivistAs the Dead Sleep] Fixed an issue that caused places to display improperly as “Surveyed” at the start of the Challenge.

[While the Dead Sleep] Fixed a bug that caused the Journal to seem corrupted if the challenge finished while it was still open.


Across all platforms: Surveyed Locations in the Collections > Surveyed Locations part of the Player’s diary are incorrect. Players may still Survey areas, see which locations need to be found, and get the Faithful Cartographer Achievement.

Across all platforms: The audio option Voice Loudness Slider does not modify the volume of voice lines.

The Long Dark 2.00.91441 update for the Nintendo Switch is now available for download.