The Longest Road on Earth – Launch trailer

The Longest Road on Earth – Launch trailer

The Longest Road on Earth is a quiet and profoundly intimate story. Play in the music of four short tales with no words and little mechanics. Each narrative is up to interpretation; what story do you have in your head for each character and the planet they live in?


About The Longest Road on Earth

Over twenty-four unique, emotionally packed songs, performed by one of the creators, will envelop you in their eerie and nostalgic lyrics.

It will only take you two hours to walk along The Longest Road on Earth, and every step is worth it.


Each ticket to travel on The Longest Road on Earth includes an original, personal soundtrack with themes and lyrics that seek the tranquility and simplicity of life. Feelings, emotions, experiences, and impressions that aren’t spectacular yet still define us as people, our tales, and how we share our lives with one another.


Play through four chapters that encapsulate the spirit of ordinary life and browse between pictures of both profound and banal occurrences, all while listening to a nostalgic music. Because there is no speech or writing, you may spend time with the characters and generate your own interpretations. The Longest Road on Earth enables you to envelop yourself in the beauty of tiny delights like blowing dandelion seeds, gathering seashells, sledding on the first day of winter, and riding a bike on a summer day, despite the fact that the experience is brief (around 3 hours).


There are no obstacles to taint the experience, and no fail-states to penalize you in The Longest Road on Earth. With easy controls and a moderate pace, players of different ages, levels of aptitude, known languages, and backgrounds may engage.

The Longest Road on Earth is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.