The Next Wave Hits Pokemon Unite: Meet Falinks and Ceruledge!

The Next Wave Hits Pokemon Unite: Meet Falinks and Ceruledge!


The Pokemon Company has revealed the next two playable Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite. After the release of Miraidon earlier, the Legendary Pokemon will be followed by Falinks from Pokemon Sword/Shield in April, as well as Ceruledge from Pokemon Violet after that. Other Pokemon Day Celebrations were also detailed. Dive into this comprehensive guide to learn about these new characters, their release dates, community reactions, strategies, and more in the world of Pokemon Unite.

The Next Wave Hits Pokemon Unite: Meet Falinks and Ceruledge!

The world of Pokemon Unite continues to expand, with exciting new additions announced by The Pokemon Company. Players eagerly anticipate the arrival of Falinks and Ceruledge, two powerful Pokemon set to join the game’s roster. Let’s delve into the details of these upcoming updates and their impact on the Pokemon Unite community.


Miraidon Release

Before we explore the future, let’s reflect on the present. Miraidon, the latest addition to Pokemon Unite, has made its debut today, captivating players with its unique abilities and playstyle. The Legendary Pokemon has already left its mark on the battlefield, setting the stage for what’s to come.

Falinks: The Phalanx Pokemon

In April, Pokemon Unite will welcome Falinks, known as the Phalanx Pokemon. Hailing from the Galar region in Pokemon Sword/Shield, Falinks brings its formidable formation tactics to the game. With its multiple units working in unison, Falinks presents a dynamic and strategic gameplay experience for trainers to master.

Ceruledge: A New Challenger

Following Falinks, Ceruledge from Pokemon Violet emerges as the next challenger in Pokemon Unite. Little is known about this enigmatic Pokemon, but its presence promises to shake up the meta and introduce fresh dynamics to the game. Trainers eagerly await the opportunity to harness Ceruledge’s unique powers on the battlefield.

Release Dates

Falinks is scheduled to make its debut in April, offering players a new gameplay experience to look forward to. Meanwhile, Ceruledge’s arrival is anticipated shortly after, adding another layer of excitement to the evolving world of Pokemon Unite. Stay tuned for further updates as the release dates draw near.

Pokemon Day Celebrations

In addition to the character reveals, The Pokemon Company has unveiled exciting plans for Pokemon Day Celebrations. Trainers can expect special in-game events, rewards, and surprises to commemorate this iconic occasion. It’s a festive time for the Pokemon Unite community to come together and celebrate their shared passion for the beloved franchise.

Community Reaction

The announcement of Falinks and Ceruledge has sparked a wave of excitement within the Pokemon Unite community. Players eagerly discuss potential strategies, team compositions, and the impact these new additions will have on the game’s meta. Speculation runs rampant as trainers eagerly await the opportunity to experience these Pokemon firsthand.

Impact on Gameplay

With Falinks and Ceruledge joining the roster, Pokemon Unite undergoes a significant evolution in gameplay dynamics. Trainers must adapt their strategies to accommodate these new characters’ abilities and playstyles. The introduction of Falinks’ formation tactics and Ceruledge’s mysterious powers promises to add depth and complexity to battles.

Strategies and Tactics

As trainers prepare to welcome Falinks and Ceruledge to their teams, strategic discussions abound. From theorycrafting optimal team compositions to devising effective gameplay strategies, players analyze every aspect of these new additions to gain a competitive edge. Flexibility, adaptability, and teamwork will be essential in mastering the battlefield.

In-Game Events

Alongside the character releases, Pokemon Unite offers special in-game events to coincide with Pokemon Day Celebrations. Trainers can participate in limited-time activities, challenges, and rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement to the festivities. It’s an opportunity for players to unite and enjoy the camaraderie of the Pokemon Unite community.

Competitive Scene

The introduction of Falinks and Ceruledge inevitably influences the competitive landscape of Pokemon Unite. Pro players and aspiring competitors alike analyze these new additions’ strengths, weaknesses, and potential strategies to gain an edge in tournaments and ranked matches. The competitive scene braces for a shift as trainers adapt to the evolving meta.

Future Speculations

As Falinks and Ceruledge prepare to make their debut, trainers speculate about what the future holds for Pokemon Unite. Will more iconic Pokemon join the roster? What new gameplay features or updates can players anticipate? The possibilities are endless as the game continues to evolve and grow with each new update.

Developer Insights

Behind every update lies the vision and dedication of the development team. From concept to execution, developers work tirelessly to bring new content and features to Pokemon Unite. Trainers eagerly await insights from the developers, hoping to gain a glimpse into the creative process and the future direction of the game.


The addition of Falinks and Ceruledge marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of Pokemon Unite. With these powerful new characters, players can expect fresh dynamics, strategies, and challenges in the game. As we eagerly anticipate their arrival, the community buzzes with excitement, ready to embrace the next wave of Pokemon Unite’s journey.

  • Q: How do I unlock Falinks and Ceruledge in Pokemon Unite?
    • A: Falinks and Ceruledge will likely be available for purchase in the in-game shop using Aeos Coins or Aeos Gems once they are released. Players can also acquire them through special events or promotions.
  • Q: When are Falinks and Ceruledge expected to be released?
    • A: Falinks is scheduled to debut in April, followed by Ceruledge’s arrival shortly after. Keep an eye on official announcements from The Pokemon Company for the exact release dates.
  • Q: Will there be any in-game events to celebrate their arrival?
    • A: Yes, The Pokemon Company typically hosts special in-game events to coincide with new character releases and Pokemon Day Celebrations. Players can expect exciting activities, rewards, and challenges during these events.
  • Q: What impact will Falinks and Ceruledge have on the competitive scene?
    • A: Falinks and Ceruledge’s addition will likely introduce new strategies, team compositions, and gameplay dynamics to the competitive scene. Pro players and teams will adapt their tactics to leverage these new characters’ strengths and abilities.
  • Q: Are there any hints about future additions to Pokemon Unite after Falinks and Ceruledge?
    • A: While no official announcements have been made, The Pokemon Company regularly updates Pokemon Unite with new characters, features, and content. Trainers can expect the game to continue evolving with exciting surprises in store for the future.