The Silent Kingdom is now confirmed

The Silent Kingdom is now confirmed

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, The Silent Kingdom has been secured for Nintendo Switch.

Lucky Cat had set a goal of €25,000, which had already been met after only ten hours. The campaign met all of its stretch goals, including one for the Nintendo Switch, in the end. Over €50,000 was raised thanks to the generosity of fans.

About The Silent Kingdom

The Silent Kingdom is a “story-driven, otome RPG where the player’s choices and interactions with other characters set the narrative,” according to Lucky Cat. “The grim story of a princess who must poison her own soul in order to rescue her country, reaping death and grief along the way,” according to the game’s description. The project is currently being worked on in RPG Maker MV, however it seems that it will be reworked in Unity.

Put yourself in the shoes of Princess Erinys, whose country has been enslaved by a terrible curse. You’ll have to go up against the whole universe – and possibly the Goddess herself – to rescue all you’ve ever known and loved.

How much would a wilted empire weigh on your soul? Will you be admired or reviled as a princess, betrayer or betrayed? Will you seek solace in the company of others, or will the fall of your empire eternally lock your heart?

A thorny journey awaits you. It is entirely up to you how you walk it.

A specified main character who may be tailored to your preferences

Princess Erinys is a well-established protagonist with a distinct history and personality, but it is ultimately up to you to determine who she is and what she will become in this world. You’ll have complete control over how she talks to and perceives people, as well as her thoughts and feelings in response to certain occurrences. You may even give her your own name if you like. Every decision she makes, no matter how big or small, ultimately affects you.

Experience with roleplaying

Aside from the most consequential choices in the tale, many conversation encounters will have options that only concentrate on immersion, enabling the player to give their princess precisely the personality and feelings they choose. When it comes to connecting with people, there are no “right” solutions, just diverse ones.


With any of the two companion characters she’ll travel with, the princess will be able to form ties and possibly love relationships. The connections you form with other characters will play an important part in the story’s progression, even if they aren’t essential to see it through.

Please note that, depending on the success of the Kickstarter campaign, the author plans to add one more romanceable character to the cast.

A bleak and heartbreaking tale

Tragedies and hearts soiled by corruption emerge one after another in our world where every dispute and settlement is soaked in varying shades of grey. Will the princess have second thoughts about her own morality? Will her most devoted friends be selfishness and hunger for power, rather than solid bonds? What lens will she use to assess the misdeeds of others?

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