Theatre of Sorrows a 2D roguelite revealed

Theatre of Sorrows a 2D roguelite revealed

Theatre of Sorrows was announced by publisher PlayWay and developers Cat-astrophe Games and MobilWay. The lovecraftian 2D roguelite is currently being developed for the Nintendo Switch.


About Theatre of Sorrows

Killian starred in Theatre of Sorrows, a film about a man who journeys to the mystical island of Esha after his sister is kidnapped by a terrible cult. “A realm forgotten even by gods themselves, where the awful ceremony is set to take place,” says the narrator. You’ll be following Killian and Eileen as they travel around Esha, delving into the dark mysteries of the people who live there.

Theatre of Sorrows will be a roguelite with a procedurally generated environment, randomized occurrences, and a branching storyline. Every time you play, you’ll eventually notice something.

Other game elements include resource management, twenty distinct monsters to battle with a lovecraftian twist, the option to personalize with multiple clothing as well as making and equipping talismans, and five alternative endings that are determined by your actions during the game.

When Theatre of Sorrows is released, it will be available as an eShop download for the Nintendo Switch. Keep an eye out for further details, including the game’s release date.