Thumper update and patch notes

Thumper update and patch notes

Thumper, the furious rhythm-action game, has received a new update, and it’s quite substantial.

This version includes a brand-new Practice Mode, changes to the leniency of restarting from checkpoints, a change to how the score/rank tally for level 9 is shown, and numerous other minor improvements and issues.

Thumper patch notes

Replay particular level portions without receiving a score or rank in the new Practice Mode.

Improved “Restart from Checkpoint” function: now you may restart from any prior checkpoint (not just current or previous). NOTE: You may only resume from any prior checkpoint on new level playthroughs after upgrading, not on previous playthroughs.

Fixed “phantom turns” that might arise in Level 6-9 under specific scenarios.

If the level has already been finished, the checkpoint score/rank tally is presented at the conclusion of the final segment of Level 9. This is beneficial to people striving to S-rank Level 9.

Minor menu appearance and behavior changes

Fixed a possible hang caused by repeatedly using the stop or fast restart buttons at the finish of a level, right before the score tally screen.

When the game scene is somewhat faded away, there are visual difficulties on the pause menu.

On Nintendo Switch controllers, the X/Y buttons were erroneously transposed.

The potentially perplexing “save data damaged” warning has been modified for clarity. It will only show when the game is unable to restore the most recent valid save.

Violence in Rhythm

Thumper is rhythm violence at its finest, with traditional rhythm-action, scorching speed, and devastating brutality. You are an alien space bug. Battle a crazed huge head from the future in the horrible void.

With simple, watertight controls, scream down the unending track and smash into harsh hazards. Hurry ahead, learn new techniques, attain dizzying speeds, and survive epic boss confrontations. Each crushing hit is accompanied by a thumping original music. To achieve synesthetic ecstasy, you must first overcome rhythm torment.