Tiny Thor announced launches Q2 2023

Tiny Thor announced launches Q2 2023

Later on in 2018, gamers who possess a Nintendo Switch will be able to take part in an absolutely gorgeous new platforming adventure that was developed by Asylum Square and published by Gameforge.

Tiny Thor, a 16-bit styled platformer game, will be released on Nintendo Switch in the second quarter of 2023, according to the announcements made by both firms. As players go through the game, they will assume the role of a “little but formidable” God of Thunder and travel through a constructed version of Asgard in an effort to vanquish evil.


About Tiny Thor

The gameplay in Tiny Thor revolves on the use of Mjolnir, guiding our Norse hero through difficult stages that are loaded with a variety of obstacles. The game has visuals that are 16 bits in size. The controls are responsive, the action is fast-paced, and the whole experience has a nostalgic undertone.

Mjolnir, the legendary weapon of the gods

“Happy birthday to you, Thor,” I yelled. Now, pick up Mjolnir, the hammer that hits its mark each and every time! —Odin

This one central idea has served as the inspiration for the whole operation. Because the hammer may be freely targeted and because it bounces off of things and adversaries, a wide variety of trick shots are open to the player.

Tiny Thor, an old-school platformer, will seem familiar to aficionados of vintage gaming, but it will also feel distinctive in its own ways.

It has a unique music composed by Chris Hülsbeck and has real 16-bit pixel imagery created by Henk Nieborg. Tiny Thor begins as a rather straightforward platformer, but as you go through the game, you acquire a wide variety of skills that you could only have dreamt of having when you were younger.

Fights Against Bosses Competent Enough for a Young God

The thrilling boss fights will put the son of Odin to the test at various points during the platforming sections.

As Thor travels across the realms, he will face a variety of formidable foes who are intent on thwarting his progression toward godhood. In order to prevail over them, you will need to use all that you have picked up along the route.


  • Conquer your foes by being an expert at ricocheting hammer throws.
  • Acquire some very impressive unique skills.
  • Discover over 30 meticulously constructed levels spread over three unique universes.
  • Fights against challenging bosses, each with their own distinct mechanics
  • Challenge your wits to find solutions to challenging environmental conundrums.
  • Unlocking the difficult stages requires you to unearth a plethora of mysteries and locate hidden jewels.
  • Take some time to read about a young man who learned to be responsible.