Triangle Strategy – Frederica Aesfrost character and story trailer

Triangle Strategy – Frederica Aesfrost character and story trailer

Square Enix uploaded a new character and story trailer for Triangle Strategy. This second showcase revolves around Frederica Aesfrost, the crown princess of the Aesfrost kingdom, along with several other characters closely associated with her.

The trailer is currently only available in Japanese, but we can probably expect an English version to be released in a few weeks, similar to the previous story trailer.


About Frederica Aesfrost

Frederica is the daughter of King Gustadolph of the Aesfrost kingdom. Despite her blood relation to Gustadolph, Frederica is much more loyal to the Glenbrook Kingdom, because of her bethrotal to Serenoa Wolffort. When Gustadolph mounts a coup on the crown city of Glenbrook and targets the adjacent lands, Frederica decides to fight with Seronoa and the rest of the party to defend her beloved.

Throughout the demo of Triangle Strategy, Frederica comes off as fiercely loyal towards her views and those she loves.

About Triangle Strategy

Three nations battle for control of the dwindling resources of salt and iron

Command a group of warriors as Serenoa, heir of House Wolffort, in a tangled plot where your decisions make all the difference. Key choices you make will bolster one of three convictions – Utility, Morality, Liberty – which together make up Serenoa’s world view and influence how the story will unfold. When faced with truly momentous decisions, multiple characters will weigh in by casting their votes on the Scales of Conviction. In these moments, the allies and decisions you make can determine the fate of whole nations and the continent of Norzelia itself.

Triangle Strategy launches March 4th 2022 for Nintendo Switch.