Turn Tack – First 24 Minutes

Turn Tack – First 24 Minutes

Turn Tack was just launched in the Nintendo Switch eShop, and Handheld Players have provided the first 24 minutes so you can check how it performs on Nintendo Switch.


About Turn Tack

A girl doomed to become a slave under the Aztec Empire.

Will she turn out to be a destruction or a savior?

Aztec, a planet that was destroyed every 4000 years. Following the fourth fall, the fifth disaster is on the horizon. People of Aztec attempt to sacrifice her based on the notion that “sacrificing a gray-haired girl might save the world from being destroyed.”

A girl who fled (Fla) embarks on an expedition to conquer the hardships of surviving the Aztecs. The danger of wild animals, in the midst of ‘global annihilation,’ is dependent on self-survival.

Players may dodge the perils hiding all over the level by manipulating Fla, an unusual puzzle inspired on Aztec culture. Solving challenges by conquering phases and using the attributes of ‘Totems’ to overcome issues

One of the hallmarks of a puzzle platformer is the ability to ‘overcome problems through repeated play via trial and error,’ which may provide you ‘the thrill of exquisite difficulty.’ The mystery, stunning pictures and music effects also contribute to the player’s enjoyment of the moment.

Turn Tack is now available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch eShop.